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Non-Compete Agreement Disputes

Non-competition agreements are critical to the success of many business ventures.  However, not all non-compete agreements are enforceable, and whether a court will enforce a covenant not to compete depends upon the specific language of the contract and the facts surrounding the parties’ decision to enter into the contract.  If you are an employer who intends to enforce a non-compete agreement against a former employee, it is essential that you consult with an experienced business attorney to determine the best avenue for pursuing such a claim.  Likewise, if you entered into a non-competition agreement in the context of an asset purchase agreement or the sale of a business, you need to consult with an attorney versed in non-compete disputes in order to understand your rights and the best course of action for enforcing the terms of your agreement.  The business attorneys at Bruno Law represent both plaintiffs and defendants in non-compete litigation disputes. 

Cases involving breaches of non-competition agreements often involve several different types of causes of action, including breach of contract, tortious interference with contract and business relations, defamation, and trade secret misappropriation.  Several remedies can be pursued, including monetary damages and injunctive relief to stop the violation from continuing.  If a party breaches a non-compete agreement and another contract provision, such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) concerning a company’s proprietary information or trade secrets, it is essential that the injured party gathers all evidence supporting the allegations of trade secret theft immediately so that a preliminary injunction designed to prevent future harm can be pursued.  The business attorneys at Bruno Law pursue non-compete claims in conjunction with trade secret misappropriation claims in state courts and in federal courts under the Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA). 

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