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Copyright Infringement Litigation

The copyright attorneys at Bruno Law initiate copyright infringement lawsuits on behalf of artists and content creators who have had their work stolen, copied, or reproduced without their consent.  Our attorneys aggressively pursue copyright infringement claims on behalf of a wide variety of artists, including photographers, authors, textile designers, digital artists, street artists, and mixed media contemporary artists.  If you have had your artwork copied or used without your consent, contact us at 610-258-4003 to schedule your free initial consultation.  If we think you have a strong copyright infringement claim, we will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we don’t get paid for our services until we recover monetary compensation for you.

Copyright law is constantly evolving; however, the key principle to remember is that as soon as you create a piece of art, you automatically own a copyright to that work as long as it meets the minimum threshold of creativity to warrant copyright protection.  As the copyright holder, you possess the exclusive right to reproduce, display, perform, and create derivative versions of your work.  Because you possess the exclusive right to reproduce your work, you have the legal right to stop anyone else who copies, reproduces, or creates derivative versions of your work without your permission.  The best way to enforce this legal right is to consult with an experienced copyright attorney before taking matters into your own hands.  The attorneys at Bruno Law advise clients on the most strategic way to approach each dispute concerning copyright misappropriation.  Some disputes can be adequately resolved with a cease-and-desist letter followed by subsequent negotiation and settlement.  Other disputes require litigation.

Many artists have strong and legitimate copyright claims that they never pursue because they simply don’t know what their rights are.  The copyright attorneys at Bruno Law will make sure that you know exactly what your rights are and how to best protect them.  We take pride in recovering significant fees for artists who have had their artwork misappropriated.  To schedule your free initial consultation with the Bruno Law copyright infringement attorneys, call us at 610-258-4003 or fill out the Contact form.