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Photography Copyright Infringement

If you are a photographer who has had your work copied, reproduced, or distributed without your consent, contact the copyright infringement attorneys at Bruno Law so that we can get you the monetary compensation you deserve.  As soon as you take a photograph, you become the copyright holder to that photograph.  The only exception to this rule is if you took the photo as part of a work-for-hire agreement or as an employee.  As the copyright holder, you possess the exclusive right to reproduce, copy, display, and create derivative versions of your work.  You also possess the exclusive right to grant others permission to use your photo.  The bottom line is that because you created the photograph, you have the right to determine how it is used.

This means that if another individual or entity uses your photograph without first obtaining your permission, you may have grounds to sue for copyright infringement.  The copyright infringement lawyers at Bruno Law know that a photographer’s livelihood depends on receiving proper compensation for their work.  We are dedicated to fighting for photographers and pursuing copyright infringement claims against individuals and entities that wrongfully use and profit from our clients’ work.  Depending upon the goals of the individual client, our firm pursues several different avenues to address copyright infringement, including sending cease-and-desist letters, engaging in settlement negotiations, and initiating litigation in federal court.

In certain instances, if we think you have a strong photography copyright infringement claim, we will take your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we don’t get paid for our services until we recover monetary compensation for you.

To schedule your initial consultation with the Bruno Law photography copyright infringement attorneys, call us at 610-258-4003 or fill out the Contact form.