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Copyright Registrations

A work of art that is sufficiently creative earns copyright protection immediately upon creation.  Still, there are many benefits to registering your copyrightable works, such as photographs, illustrations, musical works, and designs, with the U.S. Copyright Office.  First, in order to initiate a federal copyright infringement lawsuit, you must possess a federally registered copyright.  Second, creators who register their work with the U.S. Copyright Office are eligible to recover enhanced statutory damages and attorneys’ fees in a copyright infringement lawsuit as long as the work is registered prior to the date the infringement took place or within three (3) months of the first date of publication (i.e. date when the work is first displayed to the public).  

The copyright attorneys at Bruno Law will register your copyrights and make sure that you understand the best way to properly protect your creations.  Our copyright attorneys advise clients on a variety of copyright law issues, including unprotectable v. protectable elements of art, the fair use doctrine, and principles surrounding lawful appropriation art.  

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