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Trademark Infringement Litigation

Trademark infringement lawsuits are significant matters.  If you are a trademark owner who wants to stop another party from infringing upon your trademarked company name and/or logo, the trademark attorneys at Bruno Law will assess the strength of your claim and initiate a lawsuit on your behalf.  Likewise, if you are a trademark owner who is on the receiving end of a trademark infringement lawsuit or a cease-and-desist letter, our attorneys will evaluate your potential defenses and defend your interests accordingly.

The key question in a trademark infringement lawsuit is whether there is a “likelihood of consumer confusion” between the two marks at issue.  When two marks are similar, and the goods/services at issue are sufficiently related, there may be a case of trademark infringement at play.  If you are the senior user of the mark and possess priority rights to the use of the mark, our attorneys will fight to enforce your exclusive rights and will recover monetary compensation for you in instances where your mark is infringed upon.  Our attorneys file trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuits in both federal and state courts.  We also advocate on behalf of trademark owners in concurrent use proceedings, opposition proceedings, cancellation proceedings, and appeals in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

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