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Personal Injury


Any case where you are injured through the result of someone else’s actions is called a personal injury case. There are many ways a person can be injured through no fault of their own.  A personal injury case can be against an individual, corporation, other business or a combination of parties.

Personal injury cases can be the result of someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional act.  Negligence is a legal term which means that someone else failed to exercise proper caution necessary to prevent an unsafe situation from occurring resulting in injury to another. In general, the principles of negligence state that we owe a duty of care to others to ensure that our actions do not injure others.  A person is considered negligent if their conduct fell below the level of care that a reasonable person would use under those circumstances.

Proving negligence in court is a complicated matter that requires the expertise of a qualified and experienced attorney.  If you or a family member have been injured or died due to the negligence of another, it is extremely important to talk to a lawyer about the auto accident which resulted in death, motorcycle crash, or fatal accident before signing any insurance settlement form or making a statement to an insurance company representative.

Bruno Law concentrates in these personal injury areas:

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